Investment Planning

Factors to Consider When Building an Investment Plan

Financial planning includes many different facets that require careful attention and good judgment. Investment planning is one way to manage finances and seek to grow them at a faster rate than saving alone. As your financial advisor, we can guide you through a variety of ways to approach investment planning.  As we create an investment plan that is right for you, we will keep the following factors in mind. 

Ability to Take Risk

Everyone's ability to take financial risk is different based on their circumstances. There is a direct correlation between the potential return and risk involved with each investment. Careful investment management requires understanding your ability to take financial risks and knowing which investment to invest in. We will examine all of the following factors to determine your risk factors and investing capacity:

  • Age
  • Net worth
  • Income
  • Existing investments
  • Risk tolerance or willingness 

Financial Goals 

When building your investment portfolio another important factor to consider is your financial goals. Investing wisely can help you be prepared for any financial milestone you have, including the following:

    • Retirement
    • Buying your first home
    • Paying for a child's college tuition

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